Jake Dartington

Insight Meditation, Nottingham


February 17th Insight Meditation Silent Day Retreat Nottingham

The retreat is now fully booked. If you’d like to hear about future events, please email to have your name added to the mailing list. During the day, we will practice meditations that help us to be aware of what is happening in our own hearts and minds and to sense our innate potential for […]

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Social and political engagement: refugees and the referendum

There is a long established tradition of ‘Engaged Buddhism’ and in my own practice I’ve been reflecting on social and political issues more over the last year or so. As part of this process, I made a short film about the experiences of refugees and asylum seekers in Bradford and gave a talk about some […]

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Psychological reflections on meditation

One of the most interesting areas of connection between Buddhist practice and Western culture is the dialogue with psychology and psychotherapy. Barry Magid and Tara Brach are two teachers who have made particularly interesting contributions to this conversation. In a series of talks this autumn I am reflecting on their work.

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Radio 2 Interview – Good Morning Sunday

This week I was interviewed by Claire Balding on Radio 2’s programme Good Morning Sunday. We spoke about mindfulness, retreats and responses to the recent attacks. I was also able to give a brief reflection on compassion.

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All Party Parliamentary Report on Mindfulness – BBC Breakfast

The All Party Parliamentary Report has been published with recommendations for mindfulness in healthcare, education, the criminal justice system and the workplace.   Our studio was featured in a piece on BBC breakfast publicising the report.   You can read the full report here.

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How has mindfulness helped?

There is lots of scientific research explaining the various ways in which mindfulness practice helps. It’s also lovely to hear personal accounts of how practice has helped people. Three people who’ve been to my classes in Nottingham say more about the benefits of their mindfulness practice.

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