Psychological reflections on meditation

  One of the most interesting areas of connection between Buddhist practice and Western culture is the dialogue with psychology and psychotherapy. Barry Magid and Tara Brach are two teachers who have made particularly interesting contributions to this...

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Radio 2 Interview – Good Morning Sunday

  This week I was interviewed by Claire Balding on Radio 2's programme Good Morning Sunday. We spoke about mindfulness, retreats and responses to the recent attacks. I was also able to give a brief reflection on compassion. Sometimes we may  feel that we ought to...

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How has mindfulness helped?

  There is lots of scientific research explaining the various ways in which mindfulness practice helps. It's also lovely to hear personal accounts of how practice has helped people. Three people who've been to my classes in Nottingham say more about the benefits...

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How does mindfulness help with stress?

  I recently spoke to my friend and fellow mindfulness teacher Dr Karen Neil about how mindfulness helps us with stress. She trained as a Pharamcist before becoming a Mindfulness Teacher. We discussed the bodily changes that come with stress, and how it affects...

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Autumn Teaching

  This September I'll be expanding the amount of teaching I am doing, especially at the Bahia Yoga Studio in Nottingham. On Mondays I'll be teaching a Gentle Yoga with Meditation course, which will use yoga poses as a way to develop mindfulness of breath and body...

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January 2014 Retreats and Courses

  I am pleased to be teaching a non-residential retreat with Sheffield Insight Meditation over the New Year. All the details can be found here. Later on in January I'll start teaching my next eight-week Mindfulness course in Nottingham. The details are on the...

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Introducing Insight Meditation

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