Autumn Teaching

Sep 1, 2014

This September I’ll be expanding the amount of teaching I am doing, especially at the Bahia Yoga Studio in Nottingham.

On Mondays I’ll be teaching a Gentle Yoga with Meditation course, which will use yoga poses as a way to develop mindfulness of breath and body before. Each evening will finish with a twenty minute period of meditation. Full instructions will be given to beginners in yoga and meditation but the course will also be a way for more experienced yoga practitioners to deepen the meditative aspect of their practice. The sessions start on Monday September 15th and run from 5.15-6.15. You can book via Bahia Yoga.

I’ll continue to teach Eight-week Mindfulness courses later on Mondays. The course starting on September 15th is nearly full but there will be many more courses running through the year.

On Tuesdays, I’ll teach an Insight Meditation class from 5.30-7.00. This will be a chance to be deepen the practice of Insight Meditation, with its roots in the Buddhist tradition. There will be time for guided practice, talks and questions.

Also on Tuesdays, I’m starting a Mindfulness continuation course. This is open to people who have completed an eight-week mindfulness course or a silent retreat. Many people are looking for a way to continue to practice mindfulness with others after the eight-week course and these evenings will provide a chance to do this.

For more details about any of these sessions, please get in touch.